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Through my travels and experiences around the world, I discovered the aesthetic variety in different cultures. With a solid training in fashion from the prestigious Marangoni Institute and valuable experience in iconic fashion cities such as Paris, London, New York and Geneva, I have decided to bring a unique vision to life.

My passion translates into the creation of an exceptional garment, a garment that is versatile and elegant, that celebrates beauty in all its shapes and colors. Every stitch, every fabric choice and every design detail come together to deliver a fashionable experience. Jackets or “chaquettes” as we call them at Charlotte Blaz are the essential wardrobe item that fuses fashion with functionality. In our collections, we offer a wide range of options, from basics that adapt perfectly to your daily routine to trend-setting jackets, with unique and original prints.

Explore our selection and discover how a jacket can completely transform your look. Whether you are looking for a classic
Timeless or something bold and edgy, we're sure you'll find the perfect jacket to suit your personality and style.

Charlotte Blaz women is basically the key to dressing like a street style star, who is not afraid of anything and really wants to be extraordinarily cool.